Sorry, we are sold out for 2019! 
See you in 2020
Our chickens and turkeys are raised in a natural, healthy environment on our family farm just 15 minutes west of Kamloops BC, in Cherry Creek.
Don't feel like cooking, Hello Toast on Victoria Street in Kamloops has been cooking up our chicken and turkeys for years. Amazing food! 
We are so excited that Hello Toast will be competing in the 11th Annual Chef's in the City Culinary Event.
Chef Ryan said they will be featuring our chicken in their entry!   
Want to create your own dish? Head over to Fratelli Foods in downtown Kamloops check in their freezer section for one of our chickens.
Riverbend Manor is now serving monthly chicken dinners. Turkeys Dinners are now served for holiday celebrations in their dining room with raving reviews!  
Fresh Turkeys will only be available October 5-9,2020 pick up 2 for Christmas at the same time. 
Copper Mountain Processing
BC 84 Government Inspected Abattoir
We can process your Chickens, and Turkeys
Please email for further information. Or call 250-319-3676   To avoid disappointment reserve your processing date first, then order your birds. Please note that the week prior to Thanksgiving is reserved for Turkeys only, no meat birds are processed. We are ready to start 2020 bookings!  
 We will be open mid April 2020 to October 15,2020   

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