New Partners, Todd, Josee and Jensen Lang

Darryl Penner - Managing Partner

Brittany Penner - Daughter

Cuddling a one day old chick in their clean & warm habitat

Founder of Copper Mountain Farms?

Daryl Penner

Born and raised on a farm, Daryl grew up valuing and appreciating the importance of raising livestock for family consumption.

What started out as a healthier way of putting dinner on the table quickly became a serious passion for him.  Many of us reminisce of the tastes of our favorite foods, taking us back to our childhood and happy memories spent around the dinner table with family and friends.  Daryl made it his personal goal to bring back those amazing memories and flavors of the past by raising chickens and turkeys the most natural way possible. 

Daryl's life has since taken a change of direction but his same values continue today as Copper Mountain has moved location a few kilometers west. Daryl continues to be involved in the business  and you can still contact him to order your chickens and turkeys. 

About Us

Josee grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta, her family also raised meat birds, meat rabbits and turkeys for the family to eat and she remembers vividly processing day.

Josee and Todd moved to Kamloops for work in 1998 and purchased their 20 acre farm in Cherry Creek in 2004. The farm began with horses, then sheep were introduced around the time their daughter Jensen was born. Shortly after that they too wanted to be able to provide good wholesome meat for their family aside from lamb so they started growing chickens. The first batch was a heritage breed that they processed on site. They quickly and sadly learned that if you want meat a cornish chicken is the way to go and have been growing birds since 2008.

Over the years a friendship grew between the two families and in early 2017 conversations occurred about partnering in Copper Mountain and it was agreed upon that production and the Abattoir that Daryl had just built would move location to the Lang farm a few km's west.

Daryl continues to be involved in the marketing and sales and Todd, Josee and Jensen look after production and processing. New to Copper Mountain is Custom Processing for chicken, turkey, rabbit and duck producers in the interior.  

Josee above and Jensen

From Our Families to Yours 

Over the years, our families have become more and more involved in making Copper Mountain Farms a resounding success.  The more we know and continue to learn about healthy eating and our environment, the more passionate we are about the poultry we raise for your family and ours. 


Our customers’ continuous feedback has been instrumental in driving our passion for delivering healthy, tasty, natural chickens and turkeys.  We take pride in taking as much care for your family as we do of ours.  Knowing where your food comes from has become a rare commodity today.  With Copper Mountain Farms, you can be assured that every time you feed your family with chickens or turkeys purchased from us, you are providing the healthiest meat available while supporting your local and BC economy. 


Our business comes from 90% repeat customers and has grown through our customer’s referrals of families and friends.  We now have earned the trust of local specialty restaurants whom we supply year round. 

Today, we are looking to earn Your trust in us and our poultry.  We look forward to providing you and your family with old fashion, naturally healthy and amazing tasting meat worthy of your dinner table for every occasion.