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"One of our regulars commented on how well and durable the chickens we got from you were packed. Thank you. For me, that quality was worth my extra driving".

September 7, 2019

We have 6 weeks left to go and we are short staffed!!! Agh, anyone interested in learning new skills, the skills you will learn can put you on track to being a meat inspector, a butcher, working in a meat shop who knows, but you will learn to multitask, learn anatomy of poultry, and learn how to humanly dispatch and prepare food for the table. Please call me if you are interested. 250 319-3676 

 Update: Yaaaa we found a new addition to the team Welcome Christina!!

August 11, 2019

We are halfway through the season, 9 weeks left until we close the doors for the winter. So far we have had a great year! We have an awesome all female work crew who work so hard and have fun at the same time. We have freezers this year to keep your birds chilled (depending on size some get partially frozen) until you arrive. No more rushing around trying to bag birds when you arrive.

On the growing front, we had a slow start with a mix up in feed from the factory and ended up throwing away about 2 tons of feed. How does a person get rid of 2 tons of food, well you dig a BIG hole in the back yard and dump it in. So, we are back on track and if the weather could stay in the 20's that would be helpful. We have about 500 birds growing nicely for winter sales.  Turkeys are looking great for October. My next post will be end of the year... see you all in 9 weeks. Josee 

August 11, 2019

Good Morning Josee,

Thank you so much for doing our chickens yesterday.  I enjoyed chatting and finishing up with you yesterday.  I appreciate your attention to the details.  I drove straight home and the birds were all quickly put into the freezer -  except for the one we ate for dinner.

See you in October.

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