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September 29, 2018

    • Just had our early Thanksgiving dinner. The Turkey was amazing - moist, tender, tons of flavour. Thank you, Maureen

July 7, 2018

July 2, 2018

Wow, can't believe we have 4 months left to go.  200 chickens, and 170 turkeys on site growing fast!  Still have 400 more chickens to raise...

 Jensen and her turkey Neville from 2017.

By the way did anyone buy a turkey last year and find a red band around the leg? If you did, that band marked the most loved turkey in the world!   

June 3, 2018

Hi Josee,

   A handful of the resident’s came to me and said it was the best chicken dinner they have ever had.  Also, even with the 16 birds we had enough for Sunday dinner and enough leftovers for Tuesday lunch.  The resident’s, cook’s and myself are all very happy by the quality of your product.

Chris George

Dining Room Manager

RiverBend and Mayfair Manors

April 22, 2018

 As of today we have a new phone number please call us at 250-319-3676 

We are making modifications in the abattoir to make the process run smoother and researching affordable quality bags. We are looking into shrink bags for the turkeys and vacuum sealing for rabbits and ducks. Our first day of business was March 21 and we will be closing for season October 31.2018. We are filling up fast so call ASAP to reserve your processing day.

Did you know that Copper Mountain also has Sheep 

Lambing will begin in April and we are expecting around 20 lambs this year.  So when you come out to purchase chickens and or to get your animals processed you will be able to view the lambs.  Lambs are sold as well, please contact Josee to order your lamb, to start your own flock to add to, or to put in your freezer.  

February 24, 2018

Baby Chicks arrived February 23, 150 of them to begin the year. By the end of the season we will have grown 1100 chickens on site. WOW that is a lot of chickens. 

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