Cooperative Duck Days

We have no openings for duck days this season...

Processing ducks is labor intensive and time consuming and can be difficult depending on age of duck. To keep costs down for the producer  we have initiated "Cooperative duck day". 

What is involved in a duck day; 

6 duck producers (feel free to bring friends along) are required to attend for the whole day, each producer brings 10-12 ducks and we all work together to get the ducks processed. A staff member will train you on the different jobs. When your ducks enter the line you will be at the finishing table to decide what you would like done. A BC Government Meat inspector is on site to inspect the health of the duck. The duck producer decides the amount of work they want to put into the finished product. All the ducks are waxed to help remove pin feathers, but some ducks still require a lot of help and some pin feathers are impossible to remove and may need to be skinned.

Duck days are long, but we learn from each other, make new friends and laughter and bad jokes are plentiful.  If you are a small duck producer this is a great way to get your ducks government inspected so you can sell to the public. Please call 250-319-3676 if you are interested in participating in a duck day. Cost is $6.50 per bird.