About our Poultry Processing

Every chicken and turkey is inspected by a BC Government Meat Inspector.

Copper Mountain BC 84 is a B licensed facility. To Learn more click on the link.  


Class A & B Licences

The provincial government oversees the issuance of Class A and Class B licenses under the Meat Inspection Regulation (MIR) of the BC Food Safety Act.

Provincially licensed Class A or B slaughter establishments are found around the province.

Slaughter establishments that are provincially licensed are only permitted to sell their product within the province. Class A slaughter establishments are permitted to slaughter and cut and wrap meat products. Class B slaughter establishments are permitted to slaughter only. Abattoirs are required to have the presence of a trained government meat inspector to inspect each animal (livestock) or flock (poultry) beforehand and each carcass after slaughter.





Why do we ask you to Pre-Order your Chickens & Turkeys?

We raise only as many birds as we know we can sell.  This helps us keep our pricing low and the product quality high.  We believe in providing your poultry fresh - and to do that, we need to raise the right number of chickens and turkeys for same day availability.


Chicken - $4.95 per lb     Turkey - $4.00 per lb


Turkey Products

Turkey Legs and Wings, are vacuum packed in packages of 2.

Ground Turkey is available in 5 lb packaging.

To place your order for Turkey Products

Call Josee at 250.319-3676 for pricing and availability.