Every chicken and turkey is inspected by a BC Government Meat Inspector.

Class A & B Licences

The provincial government oversees the issuance of Class A and Class B licenses under the Meat Inspection Regulation (MIR) of the BC Food Safety Act.

Provincially licensed Class A or B slaughter establishments are found around the province.

Slaughter establishments that are provincially licensed are only permitted to sell their product within the province. Class A slaughter establishments are permitted to slaughter and cut and wrap meat products. Class B slaughter establishments are permitted to slaughter only. Abattoirs are required to have the presence of a trained government meat inspector to inspect each animal (livestock) or flock (poultry) beforehand and each carcass after slaughter.





Why do we ask you to Pre-Order your Chickens & Turkeys?

We raise only as many birds as we know we can sell.  This helps us keep our pricing low and the product quality high.  We believe in providing your poultry fresh - and to do that, we need to raise the right number of chickens and turkeys for same day availability.


Chicken - $5.20per lb     Turkey - $4.20 per lb

Cost has gone up...why


As you all are aware with mother nature reminding us  who is in charge, BC faced forest fires, floods,  highways torn from end to end and a pandemic throughout. So what... you say... well first off all staffing is an issue in every sector from the hatchery to the feed mill, to the trucker that will deliver the feed to the farm, to the processor that will pluck and prepare, to the bags that are bought to insert the poultry in etc... EVERY aspect of our world needs staff and the only way to get staff is to pay more and improve working conditions which in turns costs money. Unfortunately we all pay and we all take a hit to try to keep things affordable. If you are looking for cheap meat, please don't ask a  local farmer. Carry on to Costco, Wallmart etc...If you want to support local and eat home grown, no hormones, no antibiotics, free range, wholesome food then call us, we would love to provide this for your family.